Released May 2014

All songs written by Chad Walls except * written by Chad Walls & Mark Rohman
Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Wyman at Halo
Produced by Jonathan Wyman and Chad Walls
Additional recording by Chris White
Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital
Layout and design by John Nunan

Bull Moose
CD Baby


Track Listing
1. The Artist in the Wrong World
Halley’s Comet
Terminal B
Goodnight, Portland
8. Junebug
9. The TransPennine Express
10. Trainspotting Extras*

The resulting song cycle that makes up the album plays like a great road movie, and hits all the essential road movie bullet points along the way, including lost loves, fading friendships, loneliness tinged with excitement, travel in general and the characters one meets along the way on any journey. – Rick Johnson, Portland Press Herald

With clean guitar sounds and generous doses of vocal harmonies, light soft-pop drumming and chord progressions that keep it simple, “Euston” sounds like what R.E.M. would sound like if they were downgraded from being a spectacle arena-rock band to being a small folk-rock band performing in a cafe or in the intimate setting of your own living room. -Ben Meiklejohn, Mainley Media

With an acoustic guitar strum as foundation, these songs are mostly more subdued. There is an alt-country weariness to much of it, fueled by the kind of nostalgia that can be induced by sifting through the detritus of three years abroad. -Sam Pfeifle, Portland Phoenix

“Euston,” recorded with Maine uber-producer Jonathan Wyman, brings together the energetic Beatles-influenced power pop Walls has plied for over a decade with a sweeter kind of indie rock, like the janglier side of R.E.M. or Belle and Sebastian. – Emily Burham, Bangor Daily News

A former member of the local band Frotus Caper, Chad Walls delivers vintage, old-school college rock—from back when college radio was at its finest. His numerous trips to the UK have left a mark, adding a nice British influence to this record. -Mark Curdo, Old Port Magazine

Over the past few years, Maine songwriter Chad Walls earned his Doctorate in Education at the University of Manchester. The grind of seemingly ceaseless travel back and forth between the United Kingdom and his native United States was surely exhausting, but it also afforded Chad the opportunity for plenty of reflection. The sum result of all that contemplation was several songs, the formation of a band -An Overnight Low- and the album ‘Euston’, released this January. -Evan Kanarakis, The Cud